March 2015

Bread and Butter

Directed by: Liz Manashil

Cast: Bobby Moynihan, Christine Weatherup, Micah  Hauptman, Lauren Lapkus, Eric  Lange, Harry Groener, Dawn Didawick, Sean  Wright

Synopsis: Amelia Karinsky, 30, is a late bloomer who has never had a boyfriend. She works for an eccentric life coach, Dr. Wellburn, who doesn't respect boundaries and neither do her parents. One day Amelia buys a book at a used bookstore that has pencil scribbling’s throughout the margins of its pages. She becomes so entranced with whomever annotated the book that she tracks him down. Before she even meets Leonard Marsh, the annotator, she is admittedly in love with him. As we get to know him, we learn that Leonard is going through clinical depression. Concurrently, a client of her boss, starts to court Amelia, and because of him, Amelia learns that the concept of a genuine romantic relationship is more frightening than she had imagined. Bread and Butter is an anti-romantic comedy. It is the story of a lonely person who finally makes a decision to strike out on her own after learning that romance isn't the only way to fulfill her desires.