February 2015

A Lobster Tale

For its quiet, low-key story, A Lobster Tale travels into a sphere of domestic life rarely glimpsed in contemporary cinema - that of small-town Americana. Colm Meaney stars as Cody Brewer, a Maine lobsterman who sinks into an economic mire when faced with a terrible catch day after day, week after week. His waitress wife also struggles to stay afloat, and his son must fend off against a bully on a regular basis. Then, into this cradle of banal American beauty, an incredible event occurs: a strange, otherworldly moss turns up in one of Cody's nets - a moss with the ability to perform miracles. Though initially its presence causes problems and strain for the Brewer clan, it ultimately demonstrates its ability to not only improve their lives, but the lives of nearly everyone in the hamlet. Alberta Watson (Irish Eyes) and Graham Greene (Northern Exposure) co-star.