February 2015

On Broadway

His uncle having recently died in his arms after a hard fall from a high roof, a Boston carpenter decides to pen a play about the funeral despite having no previous theater experience and only his instinct to guide him. Jack O'Toole (Joey McIntire) was just an average guy from an average family, but the instant he gazed into the eyes of his dying uncle everything changed. Taken by emotion and stirred by an internal voice that encourages him to filter his pain into something creative, Jack quits his job and begins writing a play. Much to Jack's surprise, his heartfelt vision slowly comes into focus in the back room of a local pub -- the only stage he can afford. Anyone who has ever written or produced a play will likely attest to the personal toll it takes, however, and Jack is no exception. Not only does Jack's new marriage begin to suffer as a result of his creative aspirations, but his strained relationship with his own father begins to buckle under the stress as well. As the night of the big premiere looms ever closer, the vocal doubts of his family and friends do little to distract the budding playwright from telling the story that continues to weigh on his heart and mind.